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Impakt Fitness was created because I felt that the fitness industry standards needed a change. Impakt Fitness is the vehicle for that kind of change. Impakt Fitness provides video tutorials, informational articles, nutrition plans, and workout routines!

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Meal Replacement

Impakt Fitness Organic protein supplement is the healthy meal replacement drink you have been looking for to keep you going.

Sweetened naturally

It is gluten-free and sweetened naturally with honey crystals, stevia, and Luo Han Guo melon from the South Pacific.

Increases muscle

25 grams of whey isolate protein that is easy for your body to use as you reach your next level of health.

healthy digestion

Our unique recipe for digestive support contains pro-biotics and digestive enzymes to aid in absorbing the special blend of protein.

recovery time

Organic Protein Matrix also includes additional peptide amino acids for a wider spectrum of recovery and strength.

essential nutrients

With essential vitamins & minerals, Organic Protein Matrix is a true meal replacement, without sacrificing complete nutrition.

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