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Meet Adam

our story

Making an Impakt

Impakt Fitness was created because I felt that the fitness industry standards needed a change. Impakt Fitness is the vehicle for that kind of change. Impakt Fitness will provide video tutorials, informational articles, nutrition plans, and workout routines! We are passionate about giving people all-inclusive access to pure all-natural products through our supplements, and organic nutrition through our meal prep programs. Our supplement formulas have been passed down through 3 generations. They have been fine tuned, and we will always continue to tweak and improve, but essentially they are 30-year-old formulas.

Being in the Military I served a tour in Afghanistan where I was able to see a 3rd world situation where so many people were malnourished. I wanted to help as much as I could, so Impakt Fitness was also created to help those in need. With the promise of each month 1% of our gross revenue we will donate to a family in need, or a charity of your choice. Together not only will we become our most healthy selves, but in the process, we will Make an Impakt!