Natural Supplements vs Unnatural Supplements

Wherever you are on your health optimization journey – haven’t started, just started, or well on your way – there are some questions that continue to get asked at every level. One of these questions seems to inevitably be the following: “is there really that big of a difference between taking natural supplements versus unnatural workout supplements?” It also appears that every person you ask and every article you read gives you a different answer. It’s an issue that every gym-goer and health nut seem to have differing opinions on. Impakt Fitness is incredibly concerned and continually invested on illuminating the truth about this issue to anyone and everyone, especially in St. George, UT. Let us explain our conclusion that is based on over 30 years of research and experience.

Unnatural (synthetic) workout supplements and vitamins are still better than not taking supplements at all, but we are firm believers that natural supplements are superior. There are many reasons for this. A detailed explanation could easily span pages upon pages, so for this article, we’ll summarize main points.

The majority of the food that we purchase at the grocery store and eat in our homes (including the natural ingredients used to make supplements and vitamins) are not what they used to be years ago. The refining and processing procedures that modern food goes through before it ends up in our pantries is simply astounding, and we don’t mean astounding as in wondrous and breathtaking. We mean astounding as in shocking and unnerving. There are numerous documentaries on this subject that you can watch so we won’t go too much into it here, but needless to say that scientifically and genetically engineered chemicals and additives are sprayed on, injected into, and grafted onto almost everything that is grown, raised, harvested, or laid so that the food will be preserved for as long as possible (translation: have a longer shelf life), have a more appealing and addictive taste, and other commercial reasons. Essentially, what we assume is natural as far as food is concerned is not really natural any longer. Because of these modern methods of food production, many of the important nutrients these foods contain are either severely diminished or destroyed altogether by the time we eat them. Treatments such as pesticides and unnatural growth hormones change the very nature and quality of our plants and animals in the name of faster production and more money.

Why does this matter? Because our bodies are not designed to comfortably and effectively ingest these synthetic substances which in turn causes problems. Obesity, allergies, and various metabolic disorders and illnesses are just some of the physical problems that occur slowly over time generally as year after year we consume synthetic food (that is often advertised as natural!).

And how, you ask, are the vitamin and supplement capsules that we swallow each morning made? Mainly from plants, of course! Many supplement companies purposefully manufacture synthesized products because it’s supposedly cheaper and faster to do so, resulting in a longer shelf life, resulting in higher profits – all the while declaring that there’s no real difference. Well, we’re telling you that there is a difference. A big difference. When we consume natural and unmodified substances, our body has a much easier time breaking them down and distributing their intended benefits throughout our body. We don’t risk damaging or altering our natural body processes when we take natural supplements because all of the phytonutrients are mostly still present and intact.

How can you know which supplements on the shelf truly are natural? We suggest not purchasing vitamins and supplements in St. George, UT using words that end in “dl”, “ate”, “ide”, or “acid”. Without going into detail, just know that this is a very accurate way of telling natural from unnatural as far as supplements go. Or you can simply purchase anything that Impakt Fitness provides because we guarantee our products to be 100% natural.

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