Herbal Multi Vitamin


Our completely natural Herbal Multivitamin from Impakt Fitness is the perfect supplement to your healthy diet. Many vitamins and nutrients are hard to get enough of with food, no matter our best intentions and careful meal planning. This multi-vitamin boost will fill in the gaps that your diet may miss. We all want optimal health and nutrition, and Impakt Fitness’ Herbal Multivitamin is the answer. This supplement to your daily diet is made up of all natural plant-based herbs and ingredients. It is safe to take and easy on your system. It will provide a healthy boost to the immune system. Herbal Multivitamin will help you make sure you get all of the essential vitamins you need to feel healthy and strong every day.

Herbal Multivitamin is perfect for:

  • Anyone concerned about a lack of a full spectrum of nutrients in their diet
  • People who are eating mindfully and looking for a boost to ensure their optimal vitamin nutrition
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