Kaltivate (Herbal Calcium)


This natural calcium supplement will provide an excellent source of calcium for your body and your bones. Calcium is most abundant and important mineral in the body, but it is very likely to be deficient in many people’s average diet. Calcium is used primarily in the bones and teeth, but also travels through the blood stream to help with a variety of vital body functions. It helps to contract muscles and regulate heart beat. It also assists in nerve transmissions.

Many things that people ingest can, unfortunately, deplete our body’s calcium. Things like aspirin, caffeine, animal protein, salt, and sugar deplete calcium because our body uses it to digest these things. Luckily, many natural herbs can replace calcium. We have created the optimal blend of these plant-base ingredients to give your body back the calcium it is missing to be at its best.

Kal-tivate is great for:
· Adult women and men looking for bone health and support
· Teens or teen athletes that need to keep bones strong during rapid growth periods
· Older adults that may experience weak or brittle bones due to calcium depletion
· Anyone with risk of a bone injury through sports or other activity

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Each serving of Kal-tivate will benefit your body with:

Red Rasberry Plant

The leaf and pulp of red raspberries contain an easily digestible form of calcium that your body can efficiently absorb. The plant also contains magnesium that assists in calcium absorption. It has added immune system boosting benefits as well.

Oat Straw

Oat straw is a grass or herb with many health benefits. It is a great natural source of magnesium, potassium, and iron. It is used to lower cholesterol, reduce varicose veins, and increase natural vigor and stamina. Oat straw can help rebuild strength after injury or illness. It also has a stimulant effect for increased energy.



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