Kidney Matrix


Kidney Matrix by Impakt Fitness is a natural remedy for cleansing and protecting the kidneys and urinary tract for optimum health. The herbs contained in Kidney Matrix provide a gentle detoxification that will help prevent kidney stones and urinary tract infections. With a clean healthy filtering system, your body is better equipped to fight toxins and stay at its peak of wellbeing.

Kidney Matrix is great for:
· Women with frequent urinary tract infections or kidney infections
· Anyone with a history of kidney stones
· People who desire a safe organ cleanse so their body feels its best
· Anyone wanting to prevent kidney or urinary tract concerns

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With each serving of Kidney Matrix, your body will benefit from:


Cleavers is a hearty herb that can grow in environments on almost every continent. Herbalists have used cleavers as an internal and external medicine for many years. It is an effective but mild diuretic, which helps to shed water weight. It has anti-inflammatory properties, and also works to detoxify the lymphatic system, helping the body to prevent serious diseases like cancer or auto-immune disorders.


Parsley is a herb commonly found in North American climates that are used medicinally for treatment of kidney ailments, infections, or urinary tract infections. It also assists in cleansing the liver.



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