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WEIGH AWAY is a completely natural nutrition supplement that will help to boost your metabolism and curb your appetite, resulting in the weight loss goal you are working so hard to achieve. Weigh Away supports your efforts in the gym and the kitchen by making it easier to eat healthily and maintain energy so you can be your best self.

As a metabolism support, Weigh Away will encourage you internal fat-burning engine to perform at top speed. Metabolism is the process by which food is converted into energy. Stored energy is what ends up on our hips and stomach as fat. When we restrict foods, as with dieting, our metabolism thinks the body is in danger of starving, and our metabolism slows way down. Starvation diets may work temporarily but soon our bodies adjust and we gain weight whether we cut our portions or not. An improved, rejuvenated, and rapid-working metabolism will assist in long lasting weight loss safely.

Weigh Away will help you lose the weight you want to shed by supporting your metabolism, curbing your appetite, and cleansing your colon. Along with drinking plenty of water, getting exercise, and eating a healthy diet of mainly fruits and vegetables, Weight Away will get you to the fitness level you desire. Weigh Away will also help with healthy digestion, and is made of completely natural plant-based ingredients from the earth.

Weigh Away is great for:

  • Adults looking for a supplement to help support their effort to lose weight.
  • Men or women working to make a change to a healthier diet by avoiding junk foods.
  • People looking for a safe, natural cleanse from an herbal supplement, to help boost weight-loss.
  • Anyone looking to jump-start a sluggish metabolism and have more energy during workouts.


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With each serving of Impakt Fitness’ Weigh Away, your body gains benefits from:


An edible seed indigenous to Brazil, Guarana provides a natural and safe caffeine boost to improve your workouts and make the most of your efforts in the gym. The caffeine also adds to Weigh Away’s appetite suppressing effect.


Psyllium husk is a natural plant fiber from India that works to cleanse the digestive system as it moves through the colon. Many of us may be carrying around several pounds of digestive waste. Eliminating these extra pounds will add to overall weight loss, and help nutrients from healthy food to be absorbed completely and efficiently.


Cleavers is a hearty herb that can grow in environments on almost every continent. Herbalists have used cleavers as an internal and external medicine for many years. It is an effective but mild diuretic, which helps to shed water weight. It has anti-inflammatory properties, and also works to detoxify the lymphatic system, helping the body to prevent serious diseases like cancer or auto-immune disorders.


Nettle, or stinging nettle, is a plant found mainly in Hungary and other areas of Europe and Asia. It has long been used medicinally as a diuretic, and for its soothing properties to the endocrine and urinary systems. It also aids in skin health and hair growth.



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