Top 5 Reasons You Need Supplements

Natural supplements are a wonderful thing. With modern technology, we are able to concentrate important vitamins, minerals, etc, into easy-to-consume pills and powder allowing us to optimize our health like never before! Supplements along side with excellent nutrition, and various work out routines give us extreme advantages to extend our youth. Now, some of you may be very familiar with supplements and have perhaps been taking them for some time, whereas others may be new to the world of supplements. We want to take a first thing’s first attitude with here and make sure that our readers understand why supplements are important and why they should be taking them. Many people associate taking supplements with bodybuilders and gym rats. Though supplements are definitely taken by these individuals, they certainly aren’t the only ones, and muscle-building supplements are just one of countless varieties that serve a myriad of different purposes for diverse types of people. So here are the top 5 reasons that you need supplements, even if you think you live an active and healthy lifestyle:

Nutrient depletion in the soil

Farming has changed drastically in the last 50 years. All sorts of synthetic, lab-produced compounds are sprayed, injected, and fed into our food sources to increase their shelf life, flavor, color, growth rate, and other aspects related to mass-production. One of these food sources that is heavily affected is soil. All of these fertilizers and such do much more harm than good, causing the soil to become damaged and stripped of many nutrients that are essential. Fruits, vegetables, and other plants that grow in this soil, therefore, do not contain their full, natural amount of vitamins and minerals. So by the time it gets to the supermarket and then to your pantry at home, it’s already lost a very high percentage of its nutrients all due in large part to the soiling of the soil, so to speak.


This reason differs from the first reason above in the sense that here we are dealing with something that occurs naturally in our bodies. The older we get, our body’s ability to take in nutrients and absorb them goes down. So as your age increases so does your need to find and take the right supplements to maintain optimal health. As we age, the number of medications we take on a daily basis increase as well, and a large number of these medications interfere with your ability to absorb nutrients, creating an even greater need to supplement properly.

Commercialization of Farming

When you eat a freshly picked apple, you’re getting a lot more nutrients than when you eat an apple that’s been sitting on the shelf for who knows how long at the super-market. This is because once you cut that piece of fruit’s lifeline by picking it, it immediately starts to lose its potency. Imagine how much more of the fruit’s nutritional value is being lost during the addition of preservatives and other synthetic derivatives (MSG for example) as well as the process of shipping and storing it? All of this falls under the umbrella of commercialized farming which unfortunately kills many nutrients that our bodies need from eating specific foods.


Commercial farmers use many different chemicals on the food they grow that eventually ends up in our refrigerators. Herbicides and pesticides, for example, are extremely common substances that crops are inundated with. When we consume food treated with these harmful and unnatural chemicals, our bodies – especially our immune system and metabolism – are negatively altered and often result in an extra need for nutrients and vitamins. Supplements can be a solution to this.


If you are an active, on-the-go person who exercises regularly, you most certainly should be taking supplements because you are depleting your body’s energy and oxygen faster, meaning your body is quickly using up whatever vitamins and minerals happen to be in there at the time. The more active you are, the more nutrients you need.


If you live in a civilized, commercialized society, then you need supplements. The very nature of the modern world, and how it operates renders us in need of supplements for added nutrition.

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